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איך מקבלים מחשבים?

How can you order computers?

The project works with registered entities only and in order to share computers together, a contract agreement must be signed. 

The deductible cost is a subsidized cost of about NIS 570 for a desktop computer kit and NIS 700 for a laptop (out of a minimum value of NIS 1,400).

As a not-for-profit organization, running a nationwide operation for distributing computers to children, youth, senior citizens, and educational centers from low-income communities, we subsidize our computers to the lowest costs possible, leaving a participation fee of only 570 nis for a Desktop kit and 700 nis for a laptop (out of a minimum value of 1,400 nis).

A man with a box

What do you get?

מה אתן/ם מקבלות/ים

For only 570 nis, you will receive:

  • A refurbished computer and screen originated from the top companies in the market.

  • Minimal specifications for our computers: 19-inch screen, I3 processor or above, brand new 240gb SSD, 4gb RAM.
  • Brand new computer accessories: Keyboard, computer mouse, headphones, mice, webcam, and dongle WIFI.

  • Windows 10 operating system. 

  • Office (for children) \ Open Office (for adults 18-35 and senior citizens).

  • One-year warranty.

  • 7 languages phone technical support.

  • Online training sessions (no extra charges!)

All our computers are collected from startups, companies, and offices, they are refurbished inside and out and hold the highest market criteria!

*We are a nonprofit organization, allowing anyone to purchase a subsidized computer and advance to the digital era!

Official organizations

We will be happy to join you in a joint move to distribute refurbished computers to every student, young person, senior citizen or study center.

Business meeting
ארגון רשמי

Dear organizations!

Please note these important details:

In order to distribute computers with Mitchashvim, you will need to appoint a project manager who will coordinate the project on your behalf and will manage all communication with the families and Mitchashvim’s staff.

  • We will deliver all computers to one central location according to your request. The sole responsibility for distributing the computers to the various points/families is of your organization\institute and it’s the project manager appointed by you.

  • The computers will only be delivered after transferring full payment of the participation fees to Mitchashvim.


Private families \ Individuals

Mitchashvim is currently able to work with registered entities only. However, we already have a nationwide spread of collaborations with community centers, schools, parent leadership organizations, and more.

You are more than welcome to also search for relevant partnering entities in the list below.

משפחה פרטית

Find the distribution point closest to your place of residence

רשימת א/נשי קשר

Find the distribution point closest to your place of residence

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