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About us

The largest non-profit project in Israel distributing refurbished computers to low income and minorities at a subsidized price and the only one with a national, supervised, transparent and equitable distribution model

Computer class

Our vision

Promoting social mobility and equal opportunities through closing the digital divide


Mission statement

Establishing a national operation distributing refurbished computers to vulnerable communities at low rates, while protecting the environment and creating employment for people with disabilities.

Our operation

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We collect high quality used computers and screens from companies across the country. The collection and transport services are free of charge and every donation is issued with tax-recognized donation certificate (section 46). Any equipment that is not refurbished goes to recycling corporations and is processed as required by law.


Our goal is to provide high quality, complete computer kits. Each and every computer is being upgraded and renewed in our labs, a collaboration with “Hameshakem” company, where we offer fair employment for people with disabilities who are specially trained to uphold the market’s highest refurbishing standards. Following the distribution, our volunteers offer free training and technical support in 7 different languages. In addition, all of our computers come with a one-year warranty allowing any malfunction or repair to be taken care of.


Our refurbished computer kits are distributed through formal entities (such as local authorities, schools, community centers, parent leadership groups, youth centers, etc.) for a symbolic participation fee of 570 NIS including all equipment, operation systems and support.
Our distribution model is based on a broad national perspective, prioritizing distributions according to unified criteria which, together with our logistical setup and broad cooperation, ensures that our computers reach those who need them the most.

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How it all started

During the covid-19 outbreak, the first socio-economic desk was opened at the national crisis management operation room aiming to utilize the power of the business sector for the benefit of Israeli society. As quarantine was mandatory and hundreds of thousands homes in Israel, from all sectors of the population, were still disconnected, without even one computer, the digital divide was identified as the most pressing problem to be worked on.

Although there were, at the time, small associations, public and private projects, and efforts trying to address this issue, there was no permanent, sustainable solution.

Therefore, “Mitchashvim” was established, aiming to provide a holistic solution allowing to connect an existing resource (computers) with those who really need it.

Our team

Board of Directors

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