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Computer donations

Turning e-waste into life-changing products

Stack of computers

Join the national effort to close the digital divide

We accept donations of desktops, laptops and monitors. 
We invite you to come volunteer with us in the upgrading process at our computer lab in Kfar-Saba or join various activities with our beneficiaries.

Stack of computers
Stack of computers
Stack of computers

What we provide our computer donors

Pickup of equipment donations at any time and from anywhere (for 20 items and above)

Tax-recognized donation certificates (section 46)

Median ESG report recognized by Maala organization

Information security and electronic waste disposal according to law

Success stories and updates from our beneficiaries and work

Posting your logo on our website, social media promotion and other promotion opportunities

  • Each computer and screen bring us closer to our goal - annual distribution of 50,000 computers!

  • As we provide high standard computer kits, we only collect desktops, laptops and monitors, that are 10 years or less and in working condition.

  • The equipment we collect arrives at one of our labs and goes through a deep upgrading process, external renewal, packaging, and assembling a ready-to-use kit.

  • We remove and shred all disks (SSD/HDD), and install a new SSD in each computer and provide a memory card of minimum 4GB RAM.


  • All our computers are being thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, and are renewed with a specially made sticker that gives them a new look.


  • Lastly, each renewed computer is packed in a branded carton accompanied with brand new computer accessories (keyboard, mouse, headphones, microphone, camera, and dongle WIFI) thus creating a full, ready-to-use, kit. 

Our operation turns your e-waste into a life-changing product for others!

Important Information

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